Well this is a turn up for the blogs

Somehow, through a mixture of happy coincidences and shameless self-promotion, I’ve landed myself a little writing job.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working with a company called abc ivf who offer the UK’s most affordable IVF treatment. Professor Geeta Nargund and her team of fertility specialists recognise that not everybody is lucky enough to be offered IVF on the NHS and their mission is to make treatment more affordable and more accessible to those who – for whatever reason – have exhausted their options with the NHS or want to speed up the process. The team, based on Harley Street, hope that their all-inclusive and low cost IVF packages will allow more people to realise their dream of becoming a parent.

In my first piece for them, I talk about the experience my husband and I have had from our very first fertility tests right the way through to a diagnosis and treatment plan. Lots of you have asked me about this and I hope that it gives you some sort of an insight into what the process can look like.

This is our personal journey with the NHS (which I am forever grateful for):

IVF on the NHS: the wait before the waiting list

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