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Hi! I’m Lauren – a cliché millennial jumping on the blog-wagon (albeit about 10 years after everyone else). Ever so current, me. Give it another 10 years and I might invest in Bitcoin or watch Game of Thrones or shove a load of filler in my lips* 🙄.

*Because I know my mum reads this, I feel the need to point out that this was a joke. I’m not getting lip fillers.

So that’s virtual currency, plastic surgery and medieval, fantasy television dramas covered…. Back to the task at hand… About Me:

I like to travel, drink wine and chat. Preferably all at once. I’m half adventurous and half anxiety prone – the kind of girl that might plan a week trekking through the Amazon Rainforest and then obsessively Google “fatal sloth encounters” until the moment the plane takes off.

My husband and I (along with our two ginger cats who surprise us each week with a new toilet location/unwanted, feathery friend) have created a life together that’s our very own version of perfect. Cat piss and all. I used to say that a baby was the only thing “missing” but I don’t say that anymore. We’d like one. We’d LOVE one, in fact. Two, for that matter. But it’s proving a hellovalot harder to reproduce than I was ever led to believe in my blissful adolescence.

The last 3 years of trying to conceive, fertility tests, IVF treatment, operations, injections, pills, procedures, tears, tantrums and crotch examinations have inspired me to start this blog. I’m not a writer (probably already apparent) but a friend suggested that writing a journal might help me ride out this uncertain time – and she was right. I decided to go public with it largely because I was fed up of people speculating about the status of my womb at every bloody opportunity – which, FYI is still a very empty, very elusive entity. I also wanted to share all this because, whether people choose to remain quiet about it or not, infertility affects one in seven so there’s a good chance that someone I know can relate to what I write.

So here it is, possibly (probably) the most indiscreet, grammatically incorrect, graphic, sarcastic and overly detailed collection of personal anecdotes you may ever read. Disguised as a blog. Thank you for reading this far and if you’re going through your own fertility struggle – very, very best of luck to you!

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OR find me on Instagram: @laurenifen.

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